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Wipes - How Do You Use Yours?

The other day I was chatting to a fellow cloth user and looked back at the message, which read;

" Day – Bambino Mio AIO BTP with booster & liner.

Night – LL 2-part; bamboo, PUL wrap, triple booster & fleece liner. Sometimes Bamboozle."

That all makes perfect sense to me now but if I’d read it a year ago I would have been very confused – definitely bamboozled! 😉 Anyway, it turns out there are many ways of using cloth wipes too so I thought I’d share a few.


Store them dry and use a bowl of water each time you need them (or run under tap).

Store them dry and keep a spray bottle of water with them to wet them as you need them.


Store them in a wet bag or box but damp (wet them and squeeze out excess water).

You can even add essential oils to the water that you initially soak them in to keep them smelling fresh. It’s worth noting here that this is slightly controversial for newborns as the NHS recommends to only use plain water on baby’s skin for at least the first month. (We only used plain water in this time but I’ve heard plenty of people who have used oils in a wipe solution and not had any problems).

Our kitchen wipes station for sticky hands and dribbly weetabix!
Our kitchen wipes station for sticky hands and dribbly weetabix!

We personally store ours dry and get warm water at each change (OH didn't like the thought of getting Luca half naked and then using a cold wipe <bbbbrrrrrrrr> and I agreed) and I was a bit fed up of having piles of them lying around the house - as I've said before, we use them for a lot more than nappy changes. So, in addition to designing the wipes, we designed accessories to go with them that will cover all the above situations, starting with dry wipes storage as that's what we needed the most - perks of the job!!!!! :)

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