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Carefully designed round, washable wipes - 15cm diameter


R O U N D - to match the contours of faces, hands and bums


L I G H T W E I G H T - to be more "wipe-like" and less "towel-like"


B A M B O O - to ensure good abosorbency


G R E Y - for style and because, let's face it, most things end up grey anyway :).


Even if you're not a cloth bum parent, these wipes can be used for anything; a messy mealtime, runny noses... I've even used them for cleaning kitchen surfaces (colour coded so I know what's used for what! ;) )


80% Bamboo, 20% Polyester


*Multi option gives two of each colour in a pack



20 Bamboo Reusable Wipes

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Colour Choice 1 (10 wipes)
Colour Choice 2 (10 wipes)
  • Washing

    Best washed at 40 degrees but can also be washed at 60.

    Best air dried (they're pretty quick drying) but you can put them in the tumble drier. Just be aware this may cause premature degradation of the product.